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Animal Care Internships Abroad

Animal care internships abroad offer you real-world experience that develops teamwork and leadership skills for your future professional life. GVI’s international animal care internships provide practical, hands-on experience in the animal care industry for your career development.

Regardless of your passion or career pursuits, our animal care internships give you skills that will enhance your employability.

Interning on our animal care programs can be an especially rewarding experience for all animal lovers looking to spend their time on a meaningful cause while learning new skills. Travel to exciting and exotic locations all over the world and choose between working with wild or domestic animals. Also check out these awesome reasons why you should intern abroad.

Apart from these internships we also have animal volunteer programs and a range of programs specifically for students looking to travel and join a gap year volunteering program abroad and make a real difference in the world.

Complete a GVI animal care internship abroad and gain:

  • Practical experience with animal research and environmental sustainability
  • In-depth field training in the animal care industry
  • Access to quality mentorship and evaluation on a self-directed project
  • Experience with conducting biological assessment surveys
  • Increased knowledge on conservation and animal protection
  • Exposure to policy-making and data collection for ocean conservation
  • Leadership skills from the GVI Leadership Training Course
  • Interpersonal skills including teamwork and collaboration
  • Potential for future employment with GVI

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