Impact and Ethics Reports

Impact: 25 years strong

GVI’s impact reports highlight the work done across a global network of locally-led social development initiatives and conservation projects. This work focuses on mitigating critical global issues like global warming, species loss,  gender equality, and access to education and economic opportunities.

Created in collaboration with local partner organisations and expert on-the-ground impact teams, these reports:

  • Showcase our most recent data–driven impact results.
  • Provide an overview of process and product improvements.
  • Provide a comprehensive guide to our impact approach and methodology.
  • Align with international reporting frameworks.


We want to thank over 35,000 participants and 100 community-based partner organisations that have worked, learned and grown with us for over 25 years, building a network of passionate people working together towards a more sustainable and equitable world. 

We are committed to continuing this work and creating lasting change in the communities we serve.

2023 impact report

Take a closer look at GVI’s most recent data-driven impact results and process improvements.


2018 impact report

Learn more about GVI’s first 20 years of creating meaningful impact and serving communities across the world.