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Do you want to explore some options other than going straight to university? More and more, young people are setting themselves apart by going on an educational program abroad to gain international experience and skills. It’s called experiential education. It’s the up-and-coming, best way to grow yourself and create a future you’ll love.

Interning abroad after receiving your A-level results means you will have an opportunity to see what's out there while gaining valuable skills and giving yourself time to think before making big decisions about your future education and possible career path. It's your chance to see the world by exploring new locations and cultures and getting out of your comfort zone. Find out what interests you and what skills you might have a natural aptitude towards.

We offer scholarships on GVI internship programs to some 20+ locations around the world. So if you've finished your A-levels and you want to see what’s out there, then this is for you. Scholarships are valid on bookings made for specific dates, so be sure to visit our scholarships page regularly to be the first to book your spot. Hear the stories of other A-Level students below who took part in GVI programs:

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We believe in the life-enriching benefits of engaging in projects abroad. This is why we look to make our high quality programs more accessible through scholarships.


It can be rather daunting when faced with the prospects of raising the funds for your trip abroad, but GVI is here to help you meet your goals.


Learn more about how you may qualify for a bursary to help fund your program, by visiting or contacting one of the college’s or university’s mentioned on this page.

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Find out how we support you and manage every step of your journey so that you can focus on having an adventure and kickstarting your future career.

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