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We believe in the career empowering and life-enriching benefits of engaging in sustainable development projects abroad. This is why we look to make our high quality programs more accessible. Helping those who are passionate about making a difference learn about the local context of world issues helps us achieve our mission of building a global network of change-makers.

Refer a Friend

Another way to reduce your program fee is by telling a friend about GVI. Simply let them know that you’re looking at joining a GVI program. When you both book, you’ll each earn $190. This can either be used to fund your programs or claimed in cash.

Combo Discount

We know it’s difficult choosing just one GVI program to join. For those who can’t decide and would like to join two or more GVI programs, we offer a combination discount — $475 off the program fee of the first program you’ll be joining.

National Scholarship Program

Local nationals looking to join a GVI program can apply for a National Scholarship. These are open to any local nationals aged 18 years or above who have an interest in the training opportunities of the program and can explain how this opportunity will enrich their future pursuits. Most of these scholarships are used to fund 12 week internship programs.

Returnee Scholarships


We know that when GVI participants return home, they often wish they had booked for longer. Fortunately, we offer scholarships to those who’ve recently returned home. GVI alumni who book to any GVI location within 6 months of their last program will receive a 10% discount. After 6 months all GVI alumni qualify for a lifetime discount of 5% to return to any GVI location.  

Family Specials

Working abroad can be a profoundly bonding experience for families and teach younger family members about how to get involved in the solution to critical global issues. To facilitate families working abroad, we offer discounts on program fees catered specifically to the needs of families. Any family member under the age of 18 can join for 25% less for each adult family member who joins. Family members need to be at least 14 years of age to join and, if they are elderly, need to be physically able to safely carry out project work.

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