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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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Journey to equatorial Ghana, known for its coastal landscape of unspoiled, palm-lined beaches, magnificent rivers surrounded by fecund tropical forests teeming with butterfly life, and rich cultural heritage stretching far into the early medieval ages, to support communities in their efforts to improve the quality of basic education offered at schools, increase awareness around how to prevent common illnesses and provide women with the support they need to become more financially independent and socially empowered.

In your free time, take a walk around a nearby market to try on kente garments, known by the people of Ghana as ‘the cloth of kings’ and sample Ghanian delicacies like freshly roasted plantains and cocoyam chips at food stalls frequented by locals.


Ever since Ghana gained independence in 1957, the government has been investing heavily in sustainable development. While the country has become more prosperous, access to education has improved and women have gained more independence, inequality is still prevalent. More than a quarter of Ghana’s children still live in poverty and many women still experience domestic violence on a daily basis. Due to these needs, GVI is in communication with governmental organizations, NGOs, schools and women’s rights groups, and is forming partnerships to enable the running of education and training programs on sustainable development projects in 2018. To help Ghana bridge the gap between the higher and lower income households through sustainable development efforts, as well as men and women,GVI will soon be launching projects in partnership with local organizations in Accra, Ghana’s capital.

Apply now to join the GVI sustainable development team starting volunteer work in Ghana during the summer of 2018. Volunteers will have the option of working on education or gender equality programs and can choose to undertake their work as a three month internship.



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We are launching our Ghana programs in 2018. In the meantime, take a look at some inspiring videos from our other volunteer projects in Africa!


16 Interesting Facts About Ghana

1) Where Is Ghana? Talk to most people about Ghana and they’re likely to ask ‘Where’s that?’ Ghana is pretty much right at the centre of the world, being both incredibly close to the equator and on the line representing 0° longitude. On a world map you’ll find it on

It's Time We Focused on Empowering Women

There has recently been a surge in conversations regarding domestic abuse and the collective need in society to discuss women's rights. As more women begin to tell their stories, as more women feel emboldened instead of silenced surrounding experiences with violence and abuse, it is time to use this momentum

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