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GVI didn’t become one of the most well respected volunteer organisations in the world without consistently delivering on our commitments. Our high-profile partners expect well-informed and well-prepared volunteers and interns. Just as importantly, our participants expect to be equipped to make a real difference, experience new cultures, explore, and have a great time, without having to worry.

How do we do this? We make you a commitment that our comprehensive support structure will ensure peace of mind for you in the field, and for your family and friends back home. All aspects are constantly being reviewed as we strive to give you the best possible support, and if you feel we can improve on something, we’d like to hear from you!

The following list highlights GVI’s standard support and services. Individual programs offer tailor-made services to fit each particular project, be it Spanish language lessons, TEFL courses, specialist project training and/or cultural and adventure exploration weekends/side trips. Please see individual program pages for detailed information on what is included.



  • Ambassadors: GVI has a great team of ex-participants from around the world who are only too happy to talk about their personal experiences
  • Fully updated and regularly reviewed field manuals tell you all you need to know about your program, destination, travel requirements, equipment and much more
  • Fundraising advice and support; Many of our participants fundraise for part of or all of their program fee. We can supply fundraising advice and a manual on how best to do this
  • International travel assistance and advice through various global partnerships
  • Our unique GVI Live platform provides real-time updates from the ground, putting you in touch with the field staff and fellow volunteers you’ll be on the project with before you depart
  • Fully comprehensive and professional insurance services
  • Discounted travel guidebooks
  • Discounted outdoor equipment
  • Discounted medical equipment and services
  • A variety of pre-departure training opportunities including free online wildlife courses and weekend teaching courses, all exclusively developed for GVI’s programs


In the Field:

  • Pick up from the airport
  • Welcome and orientation sessions
  • Food and accommodation
  • GVI Programme staff: We operate all our own programs so we, not anyone else, look after you from start to finish
  • 24 hour emergency phone line that links directly to our 24 hour emergency desk
  • Fully comprehensive on-site training, often including language classes
  • All training materials


  • On return from your trip, become part of our GVI Alumni, and stay in close contact with your work and projects. Choose your level on involvement, become a campus intern and shout about GVI around your university, or a fundraiser for the GVI Charitable Trust, check out our Alumni page for full details
  • If you’ve performed highly while volunteering, you may be able to receive references from in-field managers giving you a little bit extra on any job search
  • Most importantly, as a past volunteer, you automatically receive a discount if you volunteer with us again, helping you get back into the field that bit quicker

You will always have the full support of the GVI team at home and in the host country.

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