Partnerships for Goals

Goal 17: Partnerships for Goals

In order to create sustainability in the economic, social, and environmental fields, it is vital that partnerships exist between society, governments, and privately owned organisations. A partnership entails that all parties involved share mutual values and objectives to empower the people and environment. Developing countries can benefit from these partnerships to improve their sustainable energy use, transportation systems, and the layout of adequate infrastructure.

Developing countries have benefited from these partnerships as around 79% of imports from developing nations have entered other countries duty-free, which saves them a significant amount of money. Another key point concerning infrastructure is the internet: about 30% of the world’s young people are familiar with the internet and are regular online users, yet 4 billion people do not use the internet or have access to it.

If SDG 17 is fulfilled, developing countries will receive financial assistance and guidance from international sources and have debt sustainability in the long run. The least developed countries will have improved access to information and communication technology to enhance their quality of lives.

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