Climate Action

Goal 13: Climate Action

The whole world is affected by climate change. It disrupts the economy and causes extreme changes in weather patterns. Despite these alarming events, greenhouse gas emission levels are dangerously high, and cause the earth to heat the world’s average surface temperature even more.

Sadly, poverty-stricken communities feel the impact of this the worst. International co-operation is necessary to make a sustainable end to climate change.

Since 1990 carbon dioxide emissions have almost doubled, and the impact of this is noticeable in the world around us. For example, grain yields lower by around 5% for every 1°C rise in temperature. The warmer the earth becomes, the less food it can produce. Even if all emissions are stopped, climate change is irreversible, which is even more reason to keep emission levels as low as possible.

SDG 13 aims to reach its goals in conjunction with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, by including climate change plans in national policies. It focuses on strengthening countries’ capacity to react to natural disasters caused by climate change.

The goal is to start the Green Climate Fund to support developing countries to counteract the occurrence of climate change.

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