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Lionfish spearing and snorekling with whale sharks

By Milly Stewart 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan




Pez Maya, Pez Maya, Pez Maya, this is Milly reporting back to base after the most amazing dive this far…. LIONFISH SPEARING! Zack took three of us to a site called Kings and Queens (a notorious place for seeing the little devils). Off we went armed and ready to go after a short morning of land training. Firstly Zack showed us how it was done by spearing the first one we saw which was average size, then near the end of the dive, we spotted two lionfish hiding, Zack passed me the spear and I shot it right behind it’s eye, it was a very small one so I was happy that I managed to get it. Shimon then took on a beast of a lionfish, over 30cm and shot it right in the head. The feeling of killing one was magical, I was absolutely buzzing!



It sounds very weird to be so happy about killing them but when you learn about what they are doing to the juvenile fish and ultimately the ecosystem, you feel very proud to know you are eradicating the lionfish for a good reason and helping to restore the reefs to their primary state. They are invasive species in Caribbean sea and don’t have  any natural predators here.



We also had an incredible trip to Isla de Mujeres on the weekend where we went snorkeling with whale sharks, this is a must do! Over 20 whale sharks were just chilling and we jumped off the boat and just joined them. The scale of these magnificent creatures was so overwhelming that many of us cried in awe of them, we also were lucky enough to see two manta rays! To top the day off we were given some beers and some ceviche whilst we chilled on the boat in a beautiful bay with clear blue water.


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