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Exploring Mahé

By Roos - GVI Cap Ternay volunteer 3 years ago
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This week Roos, one of our 10 week volunteers, tells us about the adventures you can have here on Mahé during volunteer weekends. 


A lot of volunteers decide to go to La Digue or Praslin for the weekend, however Katinka, Jakob and I (Roos) had decided to rent a car and explore Mahé instead.


The first day we rented a car, we decided to drive along the west coast of the island, and on the second day we rented a car we decided to go up North as well as the east coast.


While driving along the West Coast of Mahé you have the privilege of enjoining the beautiful scenery of the island. On your right hand side you will be able to see multiple screensaver like beaches while on the left hand side you get to enjoy the colours of the rain forest. Some of the beaches we visited on our drive down South include: Grand Anse, Petite Anse, Baie Lazare, Anse  Takamaka and Anse Intendance. Unfortunately the weather was not as good as we had hoped for, as the sky was a little grey with the occasional five second showers, it did make Anse Intendance look even more majestic than it already is.


Besides seeing the beaches of the west coast of the island, we had two more things that we wanted to do during this day. First of all, we wanted to go to the Takamaka distillery to see how the locally produced rum is made, and secondly we wanted to go to Mission Lodge.


As Anse Takamaka is on the west coast of the island, we figured that the Takamaka distillery would be too. However, after driving around the Takamaka area for a while without finding the distillery, we decided to ask a local for direction. Upon asking this question, he laughed at us and said that the Takamaka distillery was in fact situated in the east coast of the island. So from Anse Takamaka we drove over Quatre Bornes to the east coast (this only took us about 5 minutes), after reaching the east coast we found the Takamaka distillery within a couple of minutes.


As any tourist would do, we set down at the restaurant at the distillery and decided to have a cocktail made with the Takamaka rum. Besides drinking cocktails, other things to do at the distillery are: learning about the history and take a walk around the ruins.


After having our cocktails and lunch we decided to drive up North again, along the west coast, and stop at Mission Lodge (situated on the road called Sans Souci). Mission Lodge hosts ruins which act as a reminder of the campaign to stop slavery and is considered to be a national monument within the Morne Seychellois National Park. Besides the history in this place, Mission Lodge also provides a panoramic view of the west coast of the island.


On the second day of renting the car, we wanted to drive up to North Point and drive along the east coast. However, first of all we went to Beau Vallon to have some breakfast at the beach there. Our first mission of the day was to visit North Point, before heading south. The road up to the most Northern point of the island is relatively flat compared to the rest of the island, which means that you can almost always see the sea right next to you. However, unfortunately, as you come closer to Beau Vallon, there are many resorts on the beach which block the view.


Our second main mission of the day was to go the most Southern point of the island: Police Bay. In my opinion Police Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches of Mahé. As it is relatively far away from Beau Vallon and Victoria, this beach is quiet and doesn’t have many tourists. In fact, when we were there we shared the beach with only four more people. After having stayed at this beautiful beach for a while, we went to Anse Intendance because we really wanted to see this beach when the sun was out. The picture explains the difference weather makes when it comes to how the beaches look.


All in all, we had a lot of fun on our two days of road trip around Mahé!


TIP: If you ever want to go on a road trip around Mahé: pick a sunny day (the beaches look a lot nicer 😉 )