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My Experience at Coco's

By Alyssa Kleymann 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

This is week 3 for me here in Playa del Carmen with the GVI experience. The weeks have flown by so far, I feel like I just got here yesterday. The days are so full of activities that I tend to lose track of the days and as I write I am not even sure of the date. With that said, I have greatly enjoyed my time here; my expectations have been completely exceeded. I am here with the Vet project and have been volunteering at Coco’s Animal Welfare clinic every day.


Our days start with cleaning out the adoption, observation, isolation and quarantine rooms. We then move to the recovery rooms where we help the cats and dogs wake up from their surgeries. This part of the day is quite relaxing and therapeutic as it consists of petting soft animals. However, it was put into perspective for me when one of the other Coco’s volunteers said that this would most likely be the most love that some of these animals would get in their lifetime. My heart broke at the thought.


I was simply dedicated to giving love out to these animals during the hour that it took to wake them up. Feral and stray animals are abundant in Playa del Carmen, but Coco’s does such a wonderful job at raising awareness to the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs. Every single staff member is extremely dedicated and passionate about animals and their welfare that it is absolutely inspiring.


I have always wanted to be a veterinarian and being here and having the opportunity to work around such amazing vets has solidified my plans into concrete. I want to continue my education at a vet school and would love to practice internationally, perhaps even come back to Coco’s! I have one more week with GVI and I look forward to every moment. I hope that time would slow down just a little more!