Grow your portfolio, become a freelance travel writer, and kickstart your travel writing career by joining the GVI Writing Academy.

This writer internship is for anyone looking to break into the online content writing scene, from freshman to graduate students. We’ll give you the training on how to become a travel writer, along with personalized advice, and the platform starts your writing career off on the right foot. The program runs from the 18th of June until the 14th of December, 2018, and again from the 15th of January, 2019, until the 14th of June.

Who we are looking for

  • Digital nomads who are looking to balance their wanderlust with meaningful work
  • Curious seekers, who are keen to explore every corner of the globe and share their travel experiences with others
  • Keen researchers, who love hunting down fascinating ideas
  • Bookworms, who know the experience of being sucked into fictional worlds
  • Progressive thinkers, who are passionate about inspiring social change through words.

What you’ll receive

  • Hands on experience in writing engaging articles on travel and international development
  • Online training on how to use keywords to ensure your articles rank top on search engines
  • Training in writing for brands and publications
  • Publication of your articles on our website, allowing you to build an online portfolio of published content by a reputable, and highly ranked international brand
  • One-on-one feedback and mentoring from our editor delivered via email
  • A digital certificate of completion
  • A recommendation from the editor also after completion (written testimonial or LinkedIn)
  • The potential to join our team of specialized freelance writers.

What will be expected of you

  • Commitment to the four month program
  • To spend roughly 2–3 hours per week writing blogs and working through our training pack in your own time
  • To write at least two blog posts per month for the duration of the four month program
  • Edit and engage with blogs based on the editor’s feedback.

Terms and conditions

GVI reserves the exclusive right to publish all content produced by GVI writing interns for the GVI Writing Academy. This content may not be republished or resold, under any circumstances. Participants should be ready to commit to the full four months of the internship. Receipt of certificate of completion, and a professional recommendation are contingent upon participants completing the internship in full.

Download our program brochures